10 Best Cars For Races In GTA Online

In Grand Theft Auto Online, there are many choices available for racing, but not all of them are considered the best to do so. With over 700 vehicles available in the game, and over 500 of them available for races, it can be hard to narrow down the top choices. However, there are some clear winners as to the best choices for racing cars in the game.

While some cars in Grand Theft Auto are more boring than others, the cars on this list can handle top speeds and handle well enough to take off roads. The cars come from different vehicle classes as each class has cars that can handle even the most grinding racing conditions. For those who want a more in-depth breakdown and to see the testing process of each vehicle, YouTuber Broughy1322 is responsible for the known top speeds of nearly every vehicle in the game.

This list contains no motorcycles or specialist vehicles.

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1 Pegassi Weaponized Ignus (HSW)

This is one of the fastest cars in GTA Online that can be used in races when given the HSW upgrades. It is classed as Super in the game and can be acquired from Warstock Cache & Carry. This GTA Online vehicle is listed as $3,245,000 and the HSW upgrades will cost $500,000. With the upgrades, it can reach a top speed of 146.25 mph. It is worth noting that the HSW upgrades can be disabled in races.

2 Progen Emerus

A Red Progen Emerus For Sale In GTA Online

Another Super Car, the Progen Emerus can be acquired from Legendary Motorsport. The price is listed at $2,750,000, and it will reach a top speed of 127.25 mph with all the upgrades. There are many customizable options for vehicles in GTA Online, and the Progen Emerus can be modded at the Los Santos Customs.

With an 80.26 overall rating, this car will serve players well both in races and on the run from the law.

3 Principe Deveste Eight

A Principe Deveste Eight For Sale in GTA Online

This Super Car has quite a high threshold with upgrades. Normally, fully upgraded it will reach 131.75 mph, but with HSW upgrades, which come with the next-gen console versions of GTA Online, it can reach 151.75 mph. While these can be disabled, the car will still hold up without them, particularly in high-speed stunt races. The car will cost $1,795,000 dollars from Legendary Motorsport.

4 Grotti Itali GTO

A Red Grotti Itali GTO for sale in GTA Online

This Sports Car can be purchased for $1,965,000 from Legendary Motorsport. It is based on the real-life Ferrari 812 Superfast. While it does not have the highest top speed, clocking in at 127.75 mph fully upgraded, it is still a good performer. It is particularly good for stunt races and city tracks. And the sporty appearance means that it will look good no matter where it’s racing.

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5 Weeny Issi Sport

A Weeny Issi Sport for sale in GTA Online

This is another Sports Car. It can be purchased from Southern S.A. Super Autos for a price of $897,000. This car, which can be modded to look like Mr. Bean’s car, can reach a top speed of 114.25 mph. While not the fastest car in GTA Online, it has the highest handling rating a car can have at 100.00, making it a good choice for high-handling tracks and off-road races. This score also makes its overall rating higher.

6 Grotti Turismo Classic

The Grotti Turismo Classic in GTA Online

For those who want something with a more classical taste, the Grotti Turismo Classic will perform well on most race tracks, with a few exceptions. It is a Sports Classics Car. It also has a lower price point than most of these entries, at $705,000 from Legendary Motorsport. It can be converted to the HSW mode, which will cost players another $897,000.

Without the HSW upgrades, it will reach 120.75 mph, and with them, it will reach 150.50 mph.

7 Vapid Retinue MKII

The Vapid Retinue MK II for sale in GTA Online

Another Sports Classics Car, the Retinue MKII clocks in with a top speed of 120.50 mph. Released as part of one of GTA online’s updates, it has a low overall rating but can still compete with the others on this list. It costs a little more than the Turismo, at $1,620,000 from Southern S.A. Super Autos.

This car is a bit more specialized and suited for high-speed city and off-road races. Despite its lower rating, it is still worth testing for those who like the look of the mock Ford Escort.

8 Canis Kamacho

A Canis Kamacho for Sale in GTA Online

For those with a love of driving into the hills and mountains of San Andreas, this Off-Road Car can also handle being put to the test. It is not far behind the others where it concerns speed either, at 116.75 mph, with the ability to handle a lot of different types of environments.

It is also large enough to take up a large amount of track, blocking the faster cars from overtaking it. And, while by no means a free vehicle in GTA Online, it is one of the cheapest cars on the list, at $345,000 from Southern S.A. Super Autos.

9 Karin Sultan RS Classic

Karin Sultan RS Classic for sale in GTA Online

This is a Sports and Tuners Car, purchasable from Southern S.A. Super Autos for $1,789,000. Fully upgraded, this car will top off at 117.50 mph. Its speed and handling are near equal, making it a good car for nearly any type of race. Moreover, its Tuner characteristics mean players can customize it to make the car have a longer drift, which may or may not give the player an upper hand when racing.

10 Bravado Buffalo STX

A white Bravado Buffalo STX for sale in GTA Online

For those who want a bulkier car, this Muscle Car can be fully armored up. It is on the more expensive end of cars, priced at $2,150,000 at Southern S.A. Super Autos. This car can take full advantage of more defensive upgrades in GTA Online. The fully upgraded version still competes for speed with the others on this list at 126.25 mph.

It has high overall scores, making it a good choice for those who want a car usable outside of races as well.

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