Writing an Essay

There exist a variety of styles and subjects in essay writing. The school assignment’s goal is to gauge how much students understood a topic.

Various basics must get addressed for an essay to be successful. The instructors do not only focus on the quality of the information provided. They also check the construction, style, flow, and syntax.

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Steps followed when writing an essay:

  1. Select an idea.

Often, instructors provide the topic. However, in cases where there is none, students have to create one. You have to start by determining the type of essay you will write. Examples of categories include:

  • Narrative: It entails telling a story or providing details regarding the subject in an orderly way.
  • Persuasive: The essay convinces readers about a particular view.
  • Expository: The essay shows readers how to do something. For example, the paper can have step-by-step guidelines on creating something.
  • Descriptive: The assignment requires centering on what is happening. For instance, you can write about your holiday. You will describe what you encountered, how you felt, etc.

Once you know your essay type, it will not be hard to pick the topic and the structure.

2. Create the layout.

It is necessary to prepare an outline of the paper to avoid skipping anything. The layout is the skeleton of the essay, which helps make sure the writing flows logically.

For example, if you write an argumentative essay, below is a helpful layout.

  • Begin with the thesis statement and the subject sentence for every paragraph. So, you must know what every section of the essay will cover before you start writing.
  • Avoid piling several ideas in a single paragraph. It can confuse your readers.
  • There has to be a transition between paragraphs for easy understanding.
  • Provide supporting facts from research and ensure every paragraph connects to the thesis.

3. Write the essay.

Tackle one section of the paper at a time. Use the outline to produce a cohesive paper. The things to remember include:

  • Support the thesis with adequate information in every paragraph. Each paragraph must have a few sentences. The first one introduces the readers to what the following once will cover.
  • Ensure the essay flows smoothly. So, use transition words to connect them.

It is also essential to make the introduction attractive. It is the first section of the essay. So, it will make the readers read or lose interest in your paper.

The conclusion is equally important. It is the final section of the essay. So, it should be brief and must connect to the introduction.

So, the introduction has the aim of the papers, and the conclusion summarizes how the main points support the thesis.

4. Edit the paper.

Now that you have a draft, you can check it to ensure everything is correct. It is advisable to ask someone else to proofread it because you might fail to notice some errors at times. It can be a friend, coursemate, or you can even hire an editor. A website like can offer you recommendations of experts in your field.

The things that must get checked include:

  • Technical mistakes.
  • Grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes: Avoid relying on spell checkers. At times, incorrectly spelled words can be correct—for example, from and form.
  • Citing sources is also something that often has mistakes. Ensure you use quotation marks correctly, and all sources must be accurate and precise.
  • Understanding the differences between summarizing, quoting, and rewriting is also essential.

Quoting is for texts similar to the source.

Paraphrasing gets used in significant sections of other people’s content.

A summary presents the multiple points from another individual’s work.

Writing an Essay


So much goes to producing a high-quality essay. The good news is that the steps described above will go a long way in creating a well-written piece. The most important thing is to avoid presenting other people’s work. So, consider reading about how to avoid plagiarism. Also, after writing your essay, ensure you check it using a reliable plagiarism detector.

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