PS5 player forced to sell his new console for a very sad reason | WNE

If you have a Playstation 5, or PS5, you are the envy of all other gamers who are craving to get their hands on Sony’s latest console. Sony is currently struggling with the stocks and hence, it is in short supply. In fact, in India, Sony is yet to put the PS5 on sale, despite Microsoft kicking off the sales of its Xbox Series S and Series X. Hence, it might be devastating if you happen to get grab a PS5 and then are forced to sell it off by your family members. Yes, something sad of this nature has happened to a gamer in Taiwan. Also Read – Microsoft Xbox gaming app coming to your smart TV next year

A man in Tawian recently bought the Sony PS5 from a seller at a low price and he uncovered a sad story behind it. First spotted by Mothership, Jin Wu shared details on how he got his PS5 console despite the limited supply. Wu bought the console from a man who was forced to sell it. Why you wonder? Well, his wife found out that it isn’t an air purifier and hence, there was no need for it in their household. The man, however, was a gamer. Ouch (someone hand over the tissues please). Also Read – Microsoft partners with LG for Xbox Series X promotion

Man sells PS5 after wife finds out it isn’t an air purifier!

Wu in his Facebook post writes that the seller’s wife was under the impression that the PS5 was a new kind of air purifier. When she found out the truth, she forced her husband to sell the console off. Wu mentions that unlike the wife, the middle-aged man was a gamer and he was sad to let it go. Also Read – Looking for the Xbox Series X? You might be waiting until April 2021

Wu talked to the man and after a brief conversation, he found that he was extremely sad to let go of his brand-new PS5 console. Following is a rough translation of his conversation in Chinese.

Wu: “Where did you buy this one?”
Seller: “Pchome ordered”
Wu: “Then you are good at booking, did you order two? Why do you want to sell it?”

He was silent for two seconds…. Man said:
“That’s what my wife wants to sell…”
Seeing the bitterness in his eyes, I was silent, A bit sore really.”

The PS5’s availability is limited on a global level and for an enthusiastic gamer to sell it must be really tough. Wu says he initially talked to his wife and she sounded eager to sell it at a lower price.

PS5 player forced to sell his new console for a very sad reason | WNE

As a gamer, I have my sympathy for the middle-aged Taiwan man who was forced to sell the console. The PS5’s design is polarising and it is common to find people mistaking it for an air purifier. However, it is currently one of the best ways to enjoy modern-day titles with all the goodness of ray-tracing. One of the most hyped launch titles for the PS5 is Spiderman: Miles Morale, which itself has garnered positive reviews. Additionally, the new controllers for the PS5 have set high benchmarks in terms of haptic feedback.

Well, India is yet to see the PS5 on shelves but when it does, we hope that no gamer has to go through the experience that this poor Taiwan man had to undergo. The PS5 starts at Rs 39,990 in India for the All Digital version.

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