Google working on a new update to speed up your Chromebook

Chromebooks are the perfect companions for students considering their affordable price range and speed. One of the major advantages of a Chromebook is its fast bootup time, due to the relatively simple operating system. However, in recent years, Chromebooks, especially the cheaper ones have been losing out on speed. Google now seems to have figured out the culprit behind the speed bump and has found the solution to delivering fast bootup. Also Read – How to record video meetings on Google Meet in 5 simple steps

According to About Chromebooks, a recent code commit in the Chromium Gerrit suggests that Google has found the reason behind the slow boot time and has also found the solution to delivering fast bootup. The slowdown is apparently being caused by a fault in the ARCVM, which is the virtual machine that allows users to run Android apps on Chromebooks. Also Read – PUBG New State to be down for maintenance today: Check how to get new update

According to the report, the ARCVM continuously consumes CPU for several minutes on muster login, even before the user has launched an Android app or the Play Store. This means that the virtual machine is monopolizing the CPU’s resources on launch even when you are not using it. Also Read – Free Fire redeem code, CoWIN, and COVID vaccine are among the top searched Google Search results in 2021: Check the full list

Android app support for Chrome OS was released a few years ago, and since then the slow bootup issue has been growing.

Google has figured out a fix for the issue and will roll out an update, which will allow Chrome OS to restrict ARCVM’s access to the CPU to a certain percentage, presently that is 25 percent. The update is currently under development and the restricted percentage could change ahead of the official release of the update.

For people who use a lot of Android apps on their Chromebooks, the restriction seems to be lifted if you actively try to run an app or the Play Store.

The company has provided no official timeline for this update and it is currently only available as a code commit.

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