BGMI 1.8 update: Players facing issues after January patch

Battleground Mobile India released the 1.8.0 update on Friday. The update has introduced a host of new content on the Battle Royale game. The game introduced a new world of Spider-Man: No Way Home Theme Mode and Aftermath with the new update. Also Read – From new weapon to Extreme mode: Check out latest PUBG New State update

Players however might be facing some issues after upgrading to the new version. BGMI has put out a statement regarding the known issues that players might experience after the 1.8.0 update. In the statement, BGMI developers stated, “We would like to inform you about the issues regarding the January Update. We apologize for any inconveniences and look forward to fixing them at the earliest.” Also Read – PUBG: New State servers are closed for a mega-update: Check details

Latest issues reported after 1.8.0 update:

– Spotlight in lobby showing as blank Also Read – Android 12-based Realme UI 3.0 update new timeline revealed: Check when your device will get it

– Friends’ match playtime is showing incorrectly in the friend list

Players who are experiencing these issues as well as any other problems can reach out to the company through their Customer Service in-game.

What’s new with the update:

Separated Matching: With the new update, the ranked matching and normal matching are separated. If you drop into ranked matchmaking, the season tier point is reflected as before, and if you play in normal matchmaking, season tier point is not affected. That’s fair, right?

What is Livik: Aftermath?

There’s a new theme making the otherwise bright and beautiful map into some kind of apocalyptic scenario. There’s a volcanic eruption that has resulted in the melting of all the snow. Players will witness dust bowls, hostile terrain, and the likes. Even the buildings have collapsed. Livik: Aftermath can be played only in the normal matching. It does not affect your season tier points.

In this mode, every firearm basically has scopes mounted on them. Recoils of every firearm is largely reduced, so you can easily knock enemies with automatic fire.

Ziplines appear across Livik: Aftermath. Players can use ziplines for fast movement across the map. Also, you can find the Communication Tower in the post-apocalyptic Livik that allows you to revive fallen teammates. You can also deploy a large riot shield for tactical play. Of course, riot shields can be destroyed by gunfire, so keep those extra shields on standby.

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