DeChambeau Fever Hits the PGA

Golf is one of the slowest sports in the world. It takes a high degree of technical skill and vision to send a tiny ball flying with a highly specialized club. Private country clubs the world over cater to keeping their greens pristine and their members list short.

For this reason, its often seen as an exclusive sport. While the PGA Tour includes a long list of professional players from Ireland to India, overhead costs for learning and perfecting the sport can be high.

Though the reputation makes sense, it’s not always deserved. After all, golf has had its fair share of scandals, vibrant personalities, and behind-the-scenes rivalries on par with the WWE. There’s cheeky Phil Mickelson, the infamous Tiger Woods, and, most recently, young buck Bryson DeChambeau.

Since going pro in 2017, he’s shaken up the golf world with more than a few unorthodox opinions and training regimes. Since last year, he’s packed on over 40 pounds of muscle to totally revamp his swing—and it’s working.

Last month, DeChambeau dominated the US Open, played at Winged Foot Golf Course in New York. Not only did he batter through the competition, but he also made the difficult and highly-technical course look like putting practice.

As the US Masters approaches, other top dogs like Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson will be fighting to dethrone the champion of the US Open. Though sites offering golf betting odds for the US Masters list DeChambeau as top pick, McIlroy and Johnson are seasoned pros who are eager to prove that brawn isn’t everything on the greens.

DeChambeau Revolutionizes the Game 

DeChambeau’s method for taking the US Open and overall changing his future in golf has been based on hard numbers and hitting the gym. A player once known for his youth changed his public perception with a regime that saw him utilize hard analytics to recreate a perfect and explosive swing.

The idea was: beef up to hit the ball farther, which will allow the golfer a better degree of accuracy by getting him closer to the hole. The added muscle and specialized clubs have helped DeChambeau become a driving master.

Though some think his plan to continue ‘body hacking’ the PGA won’t go far, like fellow professional and top talent Rory McIlroy, others speculate that DeChambeau is onto something—and it may just help him take the upcoming US Masters

At the moment, fans and pundits are eagerly waiting to see whether or not DeChambeau’s new monikers, ‘The Scientist’, has stay power. Few experts are siding with the fifth-ranked golfer in the world with the belief that DeChambeau’s conviction will run out of steam by next year. 

On the other hand, some fans would love to see the PGA Tour be shaken up with a new approach. Still, most other professionals themselves don’t seem to be taken with The Scientist.

DeChambeau Fever Hits the PGA

Old Boys Club

Rory McIlroy, ranked number four in the world by Official World Golf Ranking just above DeChambeau, was recently quoted saying he couldn’t understand how the player won the US Open.

“That’s just the complete opposite of what you think a US Open champion does,” said the North Irishman. “It’s kind of really hard to wrap my head around it.” Still, McIlroy said that he didn’t know if it was for the good or bad of the game. 

Dustin Johnson, ranked number one in the world, recently indicated that he won’t be changing his style to compete like DeChambeau does. In fact, Johnson says that he’d likely hurt himself trying to swing as hard as The Scientist.

 For the time being, Johnson doesn’t need to worry. He’s ranked in top position worldwide and has one of the strongest and most accurate drives in the Tour. There’s no need for the champion to experiment with weight gain and fancy clubs.

However, both McIlroy and Johnson tend to represent the classic and storied history of golf. Both have made waves with their skill on the greens rather than their personality.

Still, it’s yet to be seen whether or not DeChambeau’s efforts to evolve golf from a technical standpoint have long-term relevance for the sport. 

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