Council Post: The Anatomy Of The Ultimate B2B Service Page

By Josh Kohlbach, CEO and founder of Rymera Web Co, the makers of Wholesale Suite, the No. 1 WooCommerce wholesale solution.

When selling business-to-business (B2B) services, your online marketing approach is different. You have to appeal to multiple people at different levels because you’re selling to companies. And your services aren’t cheap.

This is why having a clear and compelling B2B service page on your website is critical. It has to drive clarity and inspire trust in your customers, no matter their position in the buying process.

Here are the top traits of high-performing B2B service pages that attract visitors, answer questions, overcome objections and drive sales. 

1. Clear Headers

Your headers should explain to visitors that they’re in the right place. They have to be descriptive enough to capture visitors’ attention while still explaining what your service is. Otherwise, visitors will waste time scrolling and scanning the rest of your page and probably navigate away. 

2. Optimized For Keywords

It’s easy to optimize a service page for search because people look for services that’ll help them at work. These keywords drive demand and traffic from people who might not know your brand yet. Optimize your service pages for high search volume and low-competition keywords and weave them into your content. Use both regular keywords and semantically related keywords on your service pages to attract high-intent visitors. 

3. Persuasive Trust Signals

People are always looking for trust signals that tell them your service is the one for them. Add logos from happy customers and partners, and certifications or awards your B2B services and business have received. For a second layer, add testimonials. They carry more weight with visitors and can answer objections better than you can.

4. Meaningful Subheads

Subheads tell the visitor what’s in each section of the page so they can decide whether to scan or to slow down and read more thoughtfully. If subheads are vague or confusing, people will skim right past them, but if they’re meaningful, visitors are more likely to slow down and read the entire section. Plus, you’ll get a boost from search engines.

5. Answers To Top Sales Questions

The best sales pages are the online version of a sales conversation. Make sure to answer questions, address objections and give examples throughout the page. A visitor is more likely to become a lead and customer the more you educate them. 

6. Meaningful Data And Statistics

Data about the value of your service or business is a powerful driver in marketing. It can nudge your prospects toward conversion and persuade them that you’re worthy of their time and money. Numbers jump off your webpage immediately and set you apart from competitors. They appeal to people’s need to make rational decisions based on data and are vital in the B2B buying cycle.

7. Short Paragraphs And Good Formatting

When it comes to online content, long paragraphs get scanned, and short ones get read. You want visitors to read through your service page, so keep your sentences short. Add white space to visually break up the page, and use text formatting to make your content easy to read. Use bulleted and numbered lists, bold and italic text, internal links, and more to make your sales copy easy to scan.

8. Supportive Visuals

People love visuals, such as videos, charts, graphs and images. Upgrade your statistics or service benefits from text to a visual to better engage with visitors. Use a diagram to explain your service’s multistep process or any other complex part of your business. Try to create custom visuals instead of using stock images because they’ll resonate more with your audience.

9. Simple And Clean Flow 

Use the classic visual hierarchy to guide visitors down the service page. Headers, images and prioritized messages that answer questions and add evidence to your claims will do that. Align your message priority with the page design so they work in tandem to guide visitors. Each element educates visitors, answers questions, offers proof and increases their trust in you as they flow through the page.

10. Compelling Calls To Action

The final element is adding a call to action (CTA) that drives visitors to reach out to you for more information. A “contact us” button is great, but powering up the verbs and actions triggers demand and nudges people forward. Many service sales pages end with no CTA, so by adding a compelling one, you’ll differentiate your B2B brand even more. 

B2B service pages should be able to stand on their own. Good ones attract visitors, while great ones attract, educate and then compel action. Much like a good sales rep, a service page makes it easy for prospects to find out more about your service, answers any questions, offers examples and asks for their business. Use these traits to create powerful B2B service pages every time.

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