Coronavirus Australia live update: unemployment rate falls as Victoria records 28 new Covid cases and NSW five

The Prime Minister always has a reason to say, ‘Look over there at someone else’.

The fact is the Prime Minister is responsible. If the National Government is not responsible for Australians being able to enter Australia, I don’t know what they’re in charge of. They are also in charge of quarantine. And what the state premiers have said, Mark McGowan yesterday, speaking about Rottnest Island being made available, Queensland, Premier Palaszczuk, saying that she was prepared, of course, to have more. But they need Commonwealth support.

This is a national leader who wants to take credit for anything that’s good and pass off responsibility for actually delivering any change to the states.

The Prime Minister needs to accept his responsibility for fixing this. I note, only when Labor has stepped up our agitation is the reason why it’s gone from 4,000 to 6,000.

I hope as a result of this press conference here in Minto that it goes up to 7,000 in the next hour.

It is very possible, because this Government seems to be oblivious to the statements of people like the young woman in London, told to go and find a homeless shelter for herself and her one-year-old.

The people who simply can’t get home at the moment who are stranded, the people who have been bumped off flights, the family of five, who were quoted over $100,000 for a one-way ticket to get those five people home. The Prime Minister has responsibility here.

He also has access, of course, to his own aircraft that could have been being used over not just the past few days, but over weeks and months in order to solve these issues.

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