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Laid Off From A Tech Company? 3 Ways To Find A Tech Job In A Different Industry

The recent wave of layoffs at tech companies, including Meta, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Stripe, has left many people unexpectedly looking for jobs, and others uncertain about their job security.

During times like these, it’s important not to jump to conclusions. Instead, job seekers and those still employed, need to look at the big picture – it may not be as bad as you think.

The tech industry employs skilled workers such as computer programmers, product designers, product managers, and data scientists, among many others. In addition, tech companies also need individuals in other capacities, such as marketing, HR, and finance professionals.

Regardless of your role at a tech company, your skills and expertise are valuable and can transfer to many other industries. Just because your last job was at a tech company, that doesn’t mean you can’t get hired in another sector, and maybe even with a salary increase.

Redefining what it means to work in tech

In a recent interview, Julia Pollak, chief economist with ZipRecruiter said, “There is still strong demand for tech talent in a wide range of industries, from government to retail to agriculture. Those industries for the past years have been left in the dust.”

Candidates often have narrow-minded aspirations of working at well-known tech companies, including Amazon, Apple, Netflix, or Google. They believe working at these companies can mean job security and instant credibility in the future. The allure of working at these companies has made it difficult for lesser known companies in other industries, desperate to fill tech roles, to attract qualified candidates.

In my research regarding the struggles companies face hiring tech workers, one hiring manager at a company that provides employee benefits said, “In the current market, it’s difficult to find someone with experience who is interested in a smaller, unknown company.” This theme is true of many companies that are not household names.

Take for example the healthcare industry which is projected to grow in part due to the aging US population. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects that over the next decade, the healthcare industry will add 2 million new jobs to the economy.

Beyond the obvious need for jobs such as physicians, nurses, and physical therapists, there will also be a need for tech workers to support the websites, apps, and software related to areas of healthcare such as electronic medical records, insurance, and staffing.

Finding tech opportunities in other industries is not as hard as you think.

If you can check your ego at the door and be open to working at companies that you hadn’t considered before, you’ll be applying sooner than you think.

Let’s look at 3 ways tech candidates can find tech jobs in other industries

1. Expand your job search beyond tech companies

Tech candidates need to think outside the tech company box. They need to use their creative and analytical minds to consider how their skills and experience might transfer to other industries.

For example, if you previously worked at Amazon, you might look to other lesser-known e-commerce companies who are hiring for a variety of tech roles such as Chewy, Vista, or Thumbtack.

2. Leverage your previous experience

This is especially true for tech workers who had prior careers. The rise of tech boot camps and education programs led many people to switch careers to tech from industries such as teaching, healthcare, journalism, and more.

If you had a prior career before switching to tech, you might consider looking for a tech job in your previous industry. For example, if you were a teacher who switched into tech, consider trying to find a tech job at an education company such as Paper, Amplify, or

3. Use job boards that give you more control

Finding jobs in different industries is difficult if you don’t know the names of companies to look for. A great resource to discover companies in different industries is the job board on BuiltIn, which allows you to filter by industry, something that many other job boards don’t offer.

This will allow you to easily discover companies you didn’t know about and find jobs in the industries you have experience with or are interested in.

Your skills as a tech professional are in demand at companies outside of the big tech giants. If you expand your job search to other industries, you’ll discover incredible companies that are desperate for skilled tech professionals. And, you may even find these companies have a better work-life balance and offer higher salaries to retain talent that, for them, is hard to find!

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