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America’s Childcare Cliff Looms, LinkedIn Tips And Job Search Myths

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This month marks the end of childcare funding via the American Rescue Plan, which means the withdrawal of $24 billion in federal funding for childcare. The move could leave more than 3 million American children without access to care and added problems for working parents. It’s what’s known as the “childcare cliff”—and it’s looming.

Contributor Allison Robinson argues the childcare crisis is also an issue for employers, and while a fix probably won’t happen overnight, business leaders can help alleviate pressure on their working parent employees. Contributor Aparna Rae shares four actionable tips on how employers can better serve caregivers. One way companies can help? Continue flexible, hybrid and remote work options, Rae writes.

This is crucial for working moms especially. Women’s participation in the workforce reached a historic high at 77.6% in May. Return-to-office mandates, as contributor Lisa Conn writes, erase that gain as many women have caregiving responsibilities at home. Add in a childcare cliff, and working in the office may prove more difficult. “Childcare is an economic issue,” Reshma Saujani, founder of nonprofits Moms First and Girls Who Code, at the Forbes Power Women’s Summit last week.

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Reshma Saujani—Moms First And Girls Who Code Founder—On The Risks To Working Mothers

Reshma Saujani joined Forbes senior editor Maggie McGrath at Forbes’ annual Power Women’s Summit to talk about the coming childcare cliff facing many working professionals. “Childcare is an economic issue,” the nonprofit founder said. Find their conversation here.


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