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5 Strategies For Leaders To Expand A Personal Brand

Having previously discovered a leadership personal brand and then worked to create that brand, leaders can move into the work of expanding their personal brand. Brands that have careful foundations built and thoughtful creation strategies are ready for the expansion phase, which is truly continuous. Neglecting an expansion plan will lead to stagnation and slow growth in any brand.

With that said, here are 5 basic strategies for expanding a personal brand:

1) Be consistent.

When creating a brand, you chose a social platform or two and developed a content creation strategy. But none of that great work matters unless content creation is consistent so that the audience knows when to expect it. If it is feeling too difficult to create consistently, consider how you might make efforts more manageable. Perhaps that is hiring a social strategist to outsource some of the work, or maybe the content could be scaled back into something more achievable without help.

2) Monitor your progress.

Determine how you will monitor and evaluate your branding-building progress. Maybe it is number of followers, engagement ratios, and website clicks. Perhaps it is tied to how you are able to leverage your content into partnerships or new opportunities. Lay out a specific strategy for tracking progress and a timeline for doing so.

3) Pivot your strategy.

With a timeline for tracking progress, it will be easy to determine whether or not the strategy you’ve adopted is working. Evaluate which goals have been met and which ones are still in progress and decide if the content you have been creating and the ways you have been sharing it are working as effectively as possible. If not, consider how even small pivots in strategy like changing the time of day you share content or switching up the brand tone might work better.

4) Level up.

Even for brands that are reaching goals and milestones, it is always crucial to be considering how to level up. The online world is constantly shifting, and new opportunities for growth are always available. Consider how your personal brand can reach new levels on the platforms it is already on or if adding new content strategies can bring your brand to new heights.

5) Re-evaluate your goals.

As with any business work, long-term goals can change. What you were working towards when you first built your personal brand may be drastically different now, and that is totally acceptable. The only mistake would be not shifting brand goals as career goals shift. Think about how well your personal brand goals are still serving you at least once a quarter.

Using the strategies of consistent content, monitoring progress, pivoting when necessary, leveling up, and goal evaluation, any personal brand can be expanded successfully. Used all together, this series will help leaders discover a brand, create that brand, and continue to expand their brand.

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