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10 Ways To Thank Employees All Year Long

With Thanksgiving right around the corner our thoughts turn to giving thanks. But why limit such kindness to the holiday season?

Try these 10 ways to thank your employees for a job well done throughout the year.

1. Offer workers flexible scheduling, particularly around holidays. If coverage is necessary, post a calendar so employees can balance their time off with co-workers.

2. Give bonuses when you can. Bonuses usually come at the end of the year but it may make more sense to reward an employees right after they have done something that merits an additional thank you. If your resources are limited, give gift certificates in affordable denominations.

3. Take staff members to lunch for a special occasion or no occasion at all. As an added bonus, you will get to know workers as individuals and not just as employees.

4. Know your employees well enough to buy small gifts that tie into their interests. For example, if one of them is an avid chef, purchase the latest kitchen gadget.

5. Give the gift of time. If business unexpectedly slows down for a day, avoid the temptation of giving employees busy work. Instead, send people home a few hours early, without docking pay.

6. Take a chance. Buy your staff some scratch tickets. Who knows, if they win a million, they might be willing to split the pot!

7. Support your employees’ growth and development. Reimburse your staff for professional association meetings, which can benefit both the individual and your company.

8. When you catch employees doing something right, say something. Identify the specific action you found pleasing and remind them to keep up the good work.

9. Provide employees with small perks like tickets to a local sporting event. If your budget permits, throw in a few dollars for a hotdog and a soft drink.

10. Remember, everyone can benefit from a thank you every now and again. If you haven’t thanked your boss lately, or if you are the boss and you haven’t thanked your family in some time, anytime is a great time to give thanks.

Thanking employees for a job well done does not have to put your organization in the red. Sincere thanks throughout the year can be just as effective in motivating employees as a one-time bonus delivered at year-end.

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