Read the full text of Ontario’s stay-at-home order for all the acceptable reasons to go outside

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— Attending a place as required by law or in relation to the administration of justice.

— Exercising an Aboriginal or treaty right as recognized and affirmed by section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982.

Multiple residences and moving

— Travelling to another residence of the individual if: the individual intends to be at the residence for less than 24 hours and is attending for one of the purposes set out in this order; or the individual intends to reside at the residence for at least 14 days.

— Travelling between the homes of parents, guardians or caregivers, if the individual is under their care.

— Making arrangements to purchase or, sell a residence or to begin or end a residential lease.

— Moving residences.


— Travelling to an airport, bus station or train station for the purpose of travelling to a destination that is outside of the province.


— Attending a gathering for the purpose of a wedding, a funeral or a religious service, rite or ceremony that is permitted under the Stage 1 Order or making necessary arrangements for the purpose of such a gathering.

— If the individual lives alone, gathering with the members of a single household.


— Obtaining goods or services that are necessary for the health or safety of an animal, including obtaining veterinary services.

— Obtaining animal food or supplies.

— Doing anything that is necessary to respond to or avoid an imminent risk to the health or safety of an animal, including protecting an animal from suffering abuse.

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