Canadian meets her long-lost sister for the first time on U.S. morning show

Ever since she was little, Hannah Raleigh wanted an older sibling.

And deep down, Raleigh says she felt like she always had one.

But it wasn’t until she did a DNA test that she learned those suspicions rang true.

During an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America on Wednesday, Raleigh met her long-lost sister, Limia Ravart, for the first time in person, after an ancestry test confirmed the two are in fact related.

“All the thoughts are going through my head at once and I kind of panicked, but I ended up sending her a message that night, and surprisingly enough, like 20 minutes later, she responded to me,” Raleigh said, recalling the moments after she got her test results back.

Both from China, the two adopted sisters would find homes in different cities, Raleigh in Chicago and Ravart in Montreal.

“The first sentence was like, ‘Hi, apparently we are like biological sisters,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, wait a minute,'” Ravart said.

Ravart had even forgotten about the DNA test she took a couple of years back, which found no close matches.

“I was in shock, really in shock. I couldn’t sleep like all night after the email,” she said.

Since then, the two sisters have forged a friendship over video chats and discovered a number of things they have in common.

Raleigh plans to visit Ravart in Montreal next month and both intend on getting matching tattoos.

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