Bad kitty!: B.C. farmer nabs lynx bare-handed — then lectures it for killing his chickens

Chris Paulson hauled the cat away mid-kill by the scruff of its neck and gave it a good talking-to

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This is the kind of disciplinarian every farm needs, especially those out in the northern wilds.

When Chris Paulson caught a lynx with its paw in the cookie jar — er, chicken coop — he reacted instinctively, if not wisely.

He boldly did what a feline mother would do when scolding a kitten: Paulson grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and carried him off.

The lynx looked a little abashed at his misfortune that morning. With a low growl underway during Paulson’s scolding, he seemed to listen ruefully while being carried away.

“He just looked … a bit like (a kid) with its hand in the chocolate chip bag,” Paulson told CBC News from his home near Decker Lake, 200 km west of Prince George.

“So I kind of gave him a little lecture and then told him he shouldn’t come back.”

Conservation officer Jeff Palm in Burns Lake said officials don’t condone what Paulson did.

“We don’t recommend handling a lynx with bare hands. You certainly might lose an arm,” Palm told CBC News. “Lynx are wild cats and they can be ferocious.” He was surprised the cat didn’t bite and scratch to free himself.

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In any event, he said, “it is technically illegal to capture live wildlife and move them to a new location and can result in a fine.”

Though Paulson’s chickens had been fenced off, by the time he was able to respond to their screeching, the cat had gotten in to the enclosure and killed two hens. It had feathers in its mouth when caught and was so intent on the kill that it didn’t attack Paulson or zoom off.

“I tried to scoot him out of there, but he was so focused on his prey,” Paulson told CBC. “So I just reached down and picked him up like a house cat does with its kitten … they just go limp and submissive.”

Paulson put the lynx in a dog kennel before taking it “a bit further out in the bush.” And, being a kind sort of guy, he left the two dead chickens with the cat.

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