Can you travel to learn Spanish to Barcelona this Summer? This is what you need to know

If mobility is reactivated this summer, residents in Spain will be able to travel throughout the country, without the need to justify their trips. For visitors from other European countries, the use of the “European Covid certificate” currently under development, or the presentation of negative results of a PCR test will allow re-entry into Spanish territory. UK visitors are expected to be able to enter Spanish territory for holidays during Summer.

Barcelona is not only about beautiful beaches and delicious tapas. It is also a great place for taking the first steps in the wonderful Spanish language. Even if learning a language can be scary at first, deepening your knowledge or improving your accent is done more naturally in total immersion in a country.

What restrictions should you consider when travelling to Spain?

You will need to find out about the measures applied locally by regional governments. Local authorities are considering the implementation of regional decrees to maintain certain measures after May, such as curfews or mobility restrictions to limit the number of visitors.

Throughout your stay in Spain, wearing a mask will be compulsory, everywhere, regardless of the distance that separates you from others. This will include classes in any Spanish school in Barcelona. At the beach, an exception is made so that you can sunbathe without a mouth cover: wearing a mask is only obligatory during walks or if the safety distances cannot be maintained.

Health context this Summer

The conditions under which the summer holidays in Spain will take place may vary depending on the epidemiological context, and forecasts should be interpreted with caution. The elements reported by the authorities are rather encouraging for a resumption of tourism, but the possibility of enjoying holidays in Spain without restrictions this summer remains closely linked to the incidence of the epidemic and the evolution of the vaccination campaign.

Spain hopes to vaccinate 70% of the population by this summer. However, to date, a little less than 10% of the population has been fully vaccinated, and almost 25% of the inhabitants have received at least one dose of vaccine.

The appearance and development of cases of new variants of the virus, such as the Indian variant which is currently of concern to health authorities, may completely change the conditions of deconfinement planned for this summer. A fragile situation, for which forecasts must remain reasonable, but which still give hope of tasting a Mojito in a chiringuito.

Learn while traveling in the new normal

If you don’t live in Barcelona and have limited time, you can take intensive language courses. Whether you decide to study, work or live in Spain, this is the fastest way to become fluent in Spanish.

By learning Spanish in total immersion you will have no choice but to practice the language to communicate and this will considerably increase your ability to adapt. The key to any language learning is tolerance! And yes, you have to be patient and tolerant with yourself and not hesitate to communicate even if you have to make a few mistakes.

If you are going to take Spanish lessons in Barcelona, learning Spanish will make it much easier for you, as you will be able to communicate better with the people. But these are not the only places where this language is spoken, you will find Spanish in many countries that you can visit.

Traveling to Barcelona to learn the language is very cheap for many people. In addition, Spanish are very tolerant of people who speak other languages and make their life as easy as possible. Spain is a safe country to learn the language. With Spanish being one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, you will find many Spanish resources and courses in Barcelona. These will make it easier for you to acquire a much better and more in-depth knowledge of this language.

Can you travel to learn Spanish to Barcelona this Summer? This is what you need to know

¡Yo hablo Español!

One of the main advantages of learning Spanish, being a Romance language, is that it facilitates the learning of many other languages, especially in Europe. It is easier and more comfortable to combine expressions from other Romance languages such as Portuguese, Italian or French. Take heart and expand your boundaries to new cultures and new words, leave your fears behind and open the door to a new language in your life.

Studying in Spain is ideal for improving your Spanish level without even realizing it. In fact, little by little, you will adopt the familiar expressions of use and will no longer even hesitate to spontaneously initiate a discussion.

At first, if you feel a little overwhelmed by the speed with which people speak, it may be interesting to communicate with other foreign students, whose mother tongue is not have spanish. You will be able to discuss your learning journey and the vocabulary learned during the day. Afterwards, you will feel completely confident to meet the locals. They are the ones who will make your language level take off.

Discover a wonderful city while learning

If you have the possibility to spend more time in the Catalan capital during the summer period for example, the courses can be less intensive. You will enjoy the city more and gradually put your teaching into practice.

A little advice if you want to go and study in Spain: roommate with a local. This practice is very common, especially among young people. It is not uncommon for a Spanish employee to share their apartment with foreign students. Nothing better to have a real home away from home while totally immersing yourself in a new culture.

In addition to the courses, Spanish schools in Barcelona offer accommodation with host families, shared apartments or residences. Over a longer period of time, managing the hosting yourself will cost you less.

If you are still hesitating about why to choose Barcelona, here are a few advantages to take into account:

  1. Barcelona is one of the most fascinating cities in Spain: a fascinating history, a rich architectural heritage between the Gothic Quarter and Art Nouveau (Gaudi, Domènech i Montaner), superb museums, spectacular views from wooded hills (Montjuic, Tibidabo).
  2. The Mediterranean climate. Except for deluge, Barcelona often displays a radiant sun and a mild climate in winter and hot in summer. Ideal for getting around by bike from school to the beach.
  3. Barcelona’s spirit. Proud of its traditions, open to the world, enterprising, united, progressive, anarchist in its spare time, Barcelona is little more than the neighborhood parties of Gracia and the sunny terraces of Barceloneta. Even they too count to fall in love with the city!

You have the willing to learn Spanish and having great holidays after months of not visiting the Spanish coast… then this Summer might be the lucky one.

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