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Invest in GOOGLE (GOOGL) with DotBig Forex Broker

Google Incorporation was started in 1998 as a startup by two enthusiastic students. We know Google as the most widely-used search engine all over the globe. However, today, this is something more than just an innovative and advanced search system. In 2015 Google Incorporation transformed into Alphabet Inc. This is a holding company that includes such businesses as  Android OS, YouTube, Nest Labs, and others.

Google has already become not just a popular service but an entire brand, whose name is used to associate things with online searching. But when it comes to our mind that there is a need to consider other businesses of Alphabet Inc., the question arises: is GOOGL stock a good investment in 2022? Let’s take a look at key findings made by the DotBig research team.

Performance of the Company

Alphabet Inc. has been showing positive dynamics in its financial performance. Growing annual revenue is one of the aspects showing these positive dynamics. Consider that in 2019, the corporation generated more than $161 billion. A year after this, Alphabet Inc. reported about $182 billion. The last annual report about the results of financial performance in 2021, contained the information about the generation of $257 billion, which indicated a 59.6% growth in 2 years of operation.

We also should admire the effective performance indicated by the growing gross profit digits. In 2019, the gross profit of the company could hardly reach the mark of $90 billion. As of the end of 2021, this amount exceeded $146 billion, which is a 62% increase in gross profit over 2 years.

Naturally, financial performance is considered one of the aspects that impacted the growth of google trends stocks (GOOGL) throughout the passing years. Learn about more events that have been making the GOOGL quotes change throughout the company’s history.

Key Events

Buy GOOGL stocks with DotBig Forex Broker

  • Google finance stocks are considered safe investments because of the resilience of the company. In 2008, didn’t manage to cope with the Great Recession and remain active in the market. But Google did, although GOOGL stock price decreased from $346 down to $146 throughout the year.
  • In September 2008, the company launched Google Chrome. Today, this is one of the most widely used search browsers. Google Chrome is outperforming its main competitors in terms of total searches. This launch was a great boost to the company’s revenue and eventually, increased the price of GOOGL stock – from $146 up to $310 by the end of 2009.
  • In 2021, the company reached its historic maximum. By the end of the year, Alphabet’s Inc. stock was closing at around $2,897. The stock showed a 68% growth in a single year and became the fastest-growing Big Tech stock. This was caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which forced people to use more Google services at home. This helped the company to generate more profits from the advertisements.

Trading Conditions with DotBig

GOOGL stock is quite a popular asset among those investors who prefer putting their money in companies that show stable performances. When doing this, it’s also necessary to consider the safety of the intermediary platform. From this perspective, DotBig.come is one of the best options.

The DotBig forex broker guarantees safe conditions for those who take part in trading and investing activities. The DotBig company offers the possibility to compile a diversified portfolio of investments and include different assets, including GOOGL stocks. It has the most advanced tools to follow the quotes in real-time and the tightest spreads to save the most when investing in stocks.


  • The first advantage is prosaic – Google is simply the most successful search engine in the market. 75% of all online searches are made via its services. The total number of queries sent to Google exceeds 3.5 billion per day.
  • It’s beneficial to invest in Alphabet Inc. because it holds some of the most popular services in this industry. It operates YouTube, Google Play Market, and the companies that produce artificial intelligence products and electronic vehicle innovations.
  • So-called “side businesses” of Alphabet, which don’t have significant shares in the company’s total revenue, are increasing their profits by 40-50%.
  • The reorganization of Google Inc. into Alphabet Inc. was a great move that allowed the company to enter other markets and increase earnings. This tendency is still continuing.


  • Amazon, which is the main competitor of Google, continues to implement search engine innovations. Alexa search assistant is one of the most successful startups in this field.
  • The company had some issues with proper regulation in Europe. As a result, it had to pay big fines. In the nearest future, the company may face similar challenges in the US.

Final Thoughts

Despite the obstacles that might be caused by regulatory issues in domestic and international markets, the GOOGL stock remains a safe investment. As of today, the company remains a leading participant in this game, and it has all the capabilities to retain leadership in the future.

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