A Deep Dive Into Men’s Neck Tattoos

Historically, neck tattoos for men could come with a stigma to the wearer depending on the size, placement, and design. But recently, the stigma has been lifting for everyone and we’re seeing more and more people showing off their neck tattoos. Courtesy of theYou, a site where beauty specialists and salons from all over the world can find new clients—we will focus specifically on men’s tattoos, and the most popular and beautiful neck tattoo styles, sketches, and their unique techniques!

Common Neck Tattoo Sketches

Tattoos are a unique way to express one’s self through art, in a variety of ways we all can appreciate. The finished product can communicate a lot about the wearer, with meanings ranging from the deepest-of-the-deep to inside jokes, the name of a significant other or a passed family member.

The most common neck tattoo sketches for men consist of various animals and plants easily (or not so easily) found in nature.

  • Swallow: freedom, youth, and good luck.
  • Owl: wisdom, knowledge, judgment, and calmness.
  • Rose: passionate love, eternal youth, and beauty.

A Deep Dive Into Men’s Neck Tattoos

  • Snake: high intelligence, self-development, peace of mind, poise. Depends on the snake itself.
  • Wings (angel’s wings or bird’s wings): creativity, freedom, self-improvement
  • Inscriptions and symbols: words, numbers, dates, or events.

The Most Common Styles and Techniques

There are various art styles and techniques used in neck tattoos for men. Old school style, or American traditional or Western traditional–which are highly saturated, timeless simple designs inspired by Sailors. Here is where you see the bold black outlines and limited color palettes with minimal shading. New school style–the complete opposite, originating in the 1970s, touts bright, bold colors and eye-catching sketches, using bold black lines to keep color from spreading. Here are a few more types of techniques you may see a neck tattoo done in.

  • Etching (woodcut): The most common, done with black ink and fine lines.
  • Biomechanical: intricate machine elements like wires, electronic panels, gears, etc.
  • Realism: one of the most trendy tattooing styles for men. These tattoos are extremely detailed, they look like photographs.

Overall, men’s neck tattoos and the style, technique, colors and sketch they communicate largely depends on the pain tolerance of the subject, the sentimental value, bold unapologetic personality–and of course, the overall kick-butt skill of the artist themselves with plenty of room to create a more detailed design.

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