We Tried The Nue Co.’s Latest Topical Skincare Supplement, and It Might Be Magic

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

“I’ll start this out by saying the one and only reason this serum isn’t getting a full five-star rating from me is I simply haven’t tried it long enough to provide a completely fair and objective review (especially considering the brand says half of the touted magic will be noticed more long-term, after about six full weeks or so). That said, I can very happily report a review on what I have noticed in the mere one week I’ve been slathering my face with the stuff: a new plump, bouncy, ultra-supple skin texture; a refined yet visible dewy glow (no oiliness or greasiness!); and an undoubtedly smoother, more refined skin texture. 

“While I’m very open about trying new haircare, bodycare, and makeup products with abandon, I’m annoyingly picky and scrupulous when it comes to what I put on my face. I read every last ingredient in anything that comes within a three-foot proximity of my complexion, and I’m wary of anything with lots of different actives or with fluffy marketing that makes a product seem too good to be true. So even though I’ve been a longtime fan of The Nue Co. and many of their ingestible supplements, I was immediately suspicious of a serum that’s marketed to basically erase the need of my cabinet full of serums and tonics. The sheer number of acids and plant-based ingredients also made me nervous because my skin is incredibly sensitive and acne-prone, and anything with too much vim and vigor, or anything too natural, never typically sits well with my finicky complexion. 

“However, this serum has forced me to eat my worry. Courtney and I both vowed to apply the serum as suggested every morning for a week straight, and I swear we ended up texting each other almost every morning of our experiment exclaiming how surprised and very much infatuated we were with The Pill. Thus far, I’ve experienced zero irritation (not even a sting!) from the potent formula, and the botanical ingredients have led to nary a pimple. Instead, I’ve only noticed completely positive results. Soft, luminous, plump, dewy, completely healthy-looking skin.

“Acid- and active-containing serums are infamous for their signature funky smells (think apple cider vinegar, decaying garbage, rotting flesh… kidding, kind of), but other than an ever so slight tinge of something slightly ACV-ish, there is no overwhelming odor to this, which makes it super tolerable and, heck, even enjoyable to apply each morning. All in all, this serum is super yummy, and my skin has been noticeably happier and well-behaved since I started using it. Again, I can’t report on the purported long-term results, but I can vouch for all of the instantaneous, sparkly ones. I’ve been applying it after I double cleanse each morning (I swipe my face first with Sephora Collection’s Triple Action Cleansing Water – Cleanse + Purify before going in with Shani Darden’s Cleansing Serum) and before I apply my moisturizer for the day—usually Renée Rouleau’s Skin Recovery Lotion ($44).”

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