Remi Bader Won’t Even Touch a Non-Waterproof Mascara—This Is Her Favorite

Tell me about your partnership with Dove. What made you want to work with the brand?

This was a very easy partnership that made so much sense because I talk very candidly with my followers about how much I sweat and how it’s a stress for me. When Dove was doing this campaign, it was a very easy yes for me because I feel like the idea of this campaign—of embracing your underarms and not feeling ashamed and all of that—I talk about this without really thinking twice about it. It just really makes sense.

The whole campaign is about helping people feel less insecure about their underarms. How has that helped shift your own perspective?

I definitely think it has because, even though I’m candid and talk about it, I definitely have an insecurity around it. I feel like that’s okay, and it still makes sense for me being a part of this campaign because it’s helping me to be less insecure about it. I feel like a lot of people are really ashamed of seeing sweat through their shirts and things like that. I’ve always made it a big thing for me to get deodorant that makes me feel protected. This is perfect because it lasts up to 48 hours. This campaign has helped me because I was in a way worse place before, where I was like, “Oh my God, I don’t even want to go out because you’re gonna see my sweat in this dress or something.” Why are we so ashamed of something when so many people are dealing with the same issues and it’s such a normal thing? Normalizing it, talking about it more, and not being as ashamed of it is the whole point of this campaign.

I am also a very sweaty person. I completely understand how it feels to be like, “Oh, my God, I’m gonna sweat through this shirt.”

It’s definitely been a stress of mine, especially since I’ve gained more weight. I feel like it wasn’t as big of a stress for me [before], [but] people can have this issue, no matter what weight they are. For me, I feel like that’s where it’s been more bothersome to me. But again, the idea is to give you an antiperspirant. Just having that protection and feeling like you know that there’s something that you can use that will help you, it feels good. 

I feel like Dove as a brand is so about empowerment in general.

Yeah, I feel like there are other things that they work on, too, that have to do with exactly like you said, empowerment of being the size that you are, in that body-positivity and body-neutrality space as well. That was like another reason, seeing other things that they were doing and that they’ve worked on in the past. 

Do you have a favorite Dove deodorant scent?

I like the Beauty Finish. It’s fresh and rosy. I definitely go more toward a stick. But I notice that when I’m more in a rush, which is a lot of the time, I just use the spray, which dries completely clear. You don’t have to worry about seeing the white or anything on your clothes, which stresses a lot of people out too. But for me, I just feel like it’s very easy and quick to do the spray, but I’ve always just happened to be more of a stick person. So now, I just use both.

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