Whatcha Reading? May 2021 Edition, Part Two

May is on its way out and that means it’s time for our second Whatcha Reading of the month. Time is just flying by!

Spring allergies have sent me into a severe slump, but fingers crossed the pollen will be done doing its business soon.

Carrie: I’m almost finished with Aetherbound, ( A | BN | K ) a book that starts in hard science fiction dystopia and then swivels around to a fairly utopian state of bliss. It’s by E.K. Johnston. I like it even though it’s pretty disjointed.

Claudia: In the very first pages of Betting on the Duke’s Heart by Royaline Sing. ( A | BN | K ) Horse-mad main characters, biracial heroine, marriage of convenience. So far so good and I also love that every chapter starts with a snippet from a Mahabharata tale.

Shana: I’m reading Fattily Ever After: A Black Fat Girl’s Guide to Living Life Unapologetically by Stephanie Yeboah. It’s one of those books that I wish I could give to my younger self.

Elyse: Well I was going to continue reading The Project ( A | BN | K | AB ) and then this happened.

A tabby cat lounging on top of a hardcover book

It’s a thriller about a cult in upstate NY and has serious NXVIM vibes. No volleyball, though.

Catherine: I am currently reading my way through absolutely everything I can find that Celia Lake has ever written. I started off with Eclipse, her latest novel, which is a romance set in the staff room of a magical boarding school in 1920s Britain – I think the author described it as Hogwarts, only with a lot more detail about magical pedagogy – and after that I had to immediately download all her previous books onto my Kobo. And I’m just wallowing in them now, and they are so relaxing and charming to read. The plots are very gentle – often the thing that you would expect to be the climax of the story takes place off-stage – and really centre around two people getting to know each other and love each other and work together as a couple and a team.

There is a fair bit about people recovering from the impacts of the Great War, and also lots of fantastic disability representation (I especially liked her heroine with fibromyalgia in ‘Pastiche’), and her characters are just such lovely, kind people. Oh, and there is a Peter Wimsey sort of character, who makes me very happy!

Actually, everything about these books is making me very happy and I am pushing them on everyone I speak to and have been basically waiting for the “Whatcha Reading” to come up here so that I could push them here, too.

Carrie: Well crap, now I HAVE to read them!


Sorry about the shouting, I’m a bit overexcited.

Carrie: Yes ma’am!

Catherine: They are just so relaxing to read, and it’s possible that they were written to plug directly into all the happy places in my brain.

EllenM: Catherine I bought the first book in the series based on your recommendation for the author already!! Have not started yet though. I just finished Act Your Age, Eve Brown, which I found a lot of fun just so long as I figuratively stuck my fingers in my ears and shouted LALALALALALALA whenever my brain started to think too hard about it being an employee-boss romance, which is a trope that makes me feel a little weird!!

Tara: Ironically, I never finished Laziness Does Not Exist because I didn’t feel like I had the time. In good news, past Tara did me a solid and put a hold on the audiobook and in two days I’m already WAY farther ahead. I also bailed on a nonessential 8:30 meeting this morning so I could get a workout in because I could tell my body needed it, so thanks Dr. Price, for encouraging me to set a boundary and take self-care seriously!

Susan: I remembered that I have a Shonen Jump subscription, so I’ve gone diving into that. I’m enjoying the fantastically cheesy Ghost Reaper Girl. It’s got a late-night horror movie aesthetic, which is perfect because the protagonist is a B-movie actress turned magical girl who fights ghosts by fusing with attractive spirits who are all a little in love with her.

Herbert West, Reanimator, has just shown up with his pet murder-maid, Shoggoth, is the tone it’s going for

Lara: I’m reading The Queer Principles of Kit Webb and savouring it… I’m a huge Cat Sebastian fan!

Sarah: I’m reading The Assassin of Thasalon by Lois McMaster Bujold ( A | BN ) – a full Penric & Desdemona novel and I’m loving it immensely.

Catherine: I adored that book! So lovely to get a full length Pen and Des story!

What have you been reading? Tell us in the comments!

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