Whatcha Reading? May 2021 Edition, Part One

It’s that time again! Whatcha Reading time!

This is where we discuss are the wonderful books, weird things, and perhaps big letdowns we’ve read in the last couple weeks.

Let’s get into it!

Shana: I’m reading Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron. Kiki reviewed it, and I’m absolutely loving it.

Sneezy: I’m so excited for you!

Catherine: I’ve just started reading The Secret Life of Miss Mary Bennett by Katherine Crowley ( A | BN | K ) and it’s really good! It’s set a few years after Pride and Prejudice, and just after the death of Mr Bennett, and it’s all from Mary’s viewpoint, which I am loving. She is someone who finds social interactions difficult and confusing and so she kind of plans them out, with speeches, based on her extensive studies and reading about correct behaviour, and it’s brilliant because it’s absolutely compatible with her frequently unhelpful commentary in P&P, but it feels absolutely different when you are in her head.

Sneezy: The audiobook for The Dark Fantastic by Dr. Ebony Elizabeth Thomas renewed my platinum membership in the Bad Decisions Book Club, and I’m now relistening again!!!! Dr. Thomas is so gentle and direct and generous.

I also just finished The Devil Comes Courting and COURTNEY MILAN!!!!!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME????? I can’t remember the last time a book had me sobbing outright. I had to take sniffle breaks because my nose was running and I was crying too hard to read!!!!! (edited)

It was great, I loved it, and holy smokes did it stab my feels!!!!

Catherine: Isn’t it AMAZING???

Sarah: I am slow reading a nonfiction called The Happiness Trap, ( A | BN | K ) which is about ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and techniques to address anxiety, depression, and intrusive thoughts, memories or images. I’m slow reading it because there are a number of different techniques to try, and I am experimenting with different options and adding them to my repertoire before I move on to the next chapter. Not only is it extremely helpful but the different options are clearly and carefully explained, and it’s written in a style that my brain really likes. (edited)

I also have an ARC of the new Lucy Parker and it’s my current “In Case of Emergency Break Glass” TBR book.

Claudia: Ah, I have a few of those…

I finished The Devil and the Heiress by Harper St. George, ( A | BN | K ) coming up in June, I believe, and it was a solid read.

Tara: I’m still diving into the history of punk music, so I’m reading Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain. ( A | BN | K ) It’s all quotes from people in the scene, rather than the authors writing anything. The brilliance comes in how those quotes are ordered, because that’s how a coherence narrative comes across. It’s a tough read in spots, because women are very poorly treated, but it’s still fascinating.

Elyse: I just picked up The Frozen Crown. Binging Shadow and Bone left me craving some fantasy with romance elements.

Susan: In a complete tonal whiplash from the other media I’ve been consuming (New Pokémon Snap and far too many trashy romance manga), I’ve picked up The Radium Girls! ( A | BN | K ) Because apparently what I need right now is more rage at the mistreatment of workers

Carrie: My daughter was in a Zoom production of the play so it was all rotting face makeup around here for a while.

Susan: I didn’t know there was a play, that’s really cool!

EllenM: I’m reading Revolting Prostitutes, which is a nonfiction book about sex worker labor rights by sex workers, and it is awesome!!

Susan: This is immediately going on my buy list, thank you, Ellen!

What are you reading right now? Let us know!

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