15 Christmas Wedding Ideas That’ll Put You in the Holiday Spirit

The most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is not only for the holiday celebration, it can also sometimes be a great period to be wed. A Christmas wedding is a good option for certain couples because this is one holiday where you are sure to have most, if not all of your loved ones at home and present to attend. A winter wedding can also be a most beautiful thing indeed.

So, if you are deciding to get married at such a magical and celebratory time, you will need a number of Christmas wedding ideas to help you plan the best Christmas wedding. We have collected some of the most festive and yet stylish ideas for the season. An end-of-the-year wedding doesn’t have to be tacky. There are creative ways to infuse the Christmas spirit in your big day without going overboard and yet with just the right amount of taste and holiday magic. Have a look at our list of classy, yet seasonally appropriate December wedding ideas.

  1. Set the Venue

For a true Christmas wedding, you will have to set the scene to reflect the beauty of the season. Take advantage of this magical period and blend it with your wedding. Items like chandeliers, garlands, greenery with berry accents, and red ribbons, can all bring your Christmas wedding to life.

  1. Style the Invitation

Your invitation will set the tone for your big day. Guests begin to sense the theme from the look of your invite. So, you would do well to style it with the season in mind. With the right type of ribbons and even greenery and other types of Christmas wedding decorations ideas, your wedding stationery can send the right message.

  1. Choose your Holiday Palette

While it’s normal to want to have a Christmas reception, you can also just go with a palette that suits your favorite holiday. Choose your own colors, and then include some neutral and metallic options for the finish.

  1. Welcome Bag

Welcoming guests with the Christmas spirit can be fun. Get welcome bags for your Christmas wedding reception. They could contain ornaments for the season or some other items that match the overall theme of your wedding. They will no doubt be delighted.

  1. Seasonal Blooms

A Christmas-themed wedding would be incomplete without some pretty blooms that are even more fantastic when in season. Amaryllis flowers are great in winter and a good addition for your Christmas wedding decorations ideas. Add some metallic ornaments, emerald green paper goods, and you have your winter wedding.

  1. Serve Christmas Cocktails

Create festive signature cocktails for your winter celebration. Incorporating such flavors as cranberry, eggnog, and peppermint in your drinks, will definitely add some Christmas charm to your event.

  1. Cocktail Napkins

Print some fun and cute Christmas napkins for your guests. They can be personalized with your names, but with some Christmas flair.

  1. Special Signage

Fun signage can be a tasteful addition to a winter wedding. Choose your font and the type of humor you will like to infuse and use this unique language throughout your wedding. From reception directions to wedding quotes and more.

  1. Serve Christmas Canapés

Tree-shaped canapes are another fun way to add some Christmas cheer to your big day. With ingredients like cheese, nuts, and cucumbers, these would be a beautiful delight to eat.

  1. Jingle Bells

Add jingle bell favors to your guest bags. They can even double as escort cards if you’re killing two birds with one stone. The bells will add such fun to your event and an atmosphere that your guests will not soon forget. The bells can be rung at different times of the day for a most memorable wedding.

  1. Wreath Plate Charger

Set your Christmas table with subtle accents as greenery garlands. A wreath plate charger can add just the right amount of festivity to your table. Surrounding each charger, creating a lovely atmosphere for your food and dining.

  1. Hanging Greenery

Your décor for Christmas wedding, wedding in December, can be no different from what you would do in your own home. You could have a Christmas tree, or hang greenery, pinecone wreaths, wrapped orbs, and much more.

  1. Twinkle Lights

Christmas wedding themes would be incomplete without the customary string lights. There is magic that comes with the twinkle lights. A Christmas magic that will not be lost in your winter wedding. The ultimate romantic atmosphere for the season.

  1. Eggnog Favors

You can choose to send your guests home with a little treat. Some Christmas-themed favors for their exit from your celebration. A little something to remember you by. From miniature jugs of eggnog to gluhwein, and so on.

  1. Make it Snow

Create the best Christmas wedding reception exit, by making it snow. A confetti shower would make for the best photos and the most romantic exit. Even better if it is actually snowing.

Don’t miss out on using the season in your favor. These Christmas wedding ideas can give you memories to last a lifetime.

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