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Rejoice Cinco De Mayo With A Tequila That Has Historic Roots

Lots of tequila might be consumed in the present day in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. One additional añejo tequila has an precise historic connection to this historic occasion, because the distiller’s great-great-grandfather was a common who fought within the Battle of Puebla.

Germán González Gorrochotegui is the founder and grasp distiller of Tears of Llorona. His great-great-grandfather, Common Manuel González Flores, helped lead Mexican forces to victory on Might 5, 1862, when these Mexican forces expelled the French and gained their independence after a fierce battle close to Puebla Metropolis. González Flores later turned a president of Mexico, too.

“To become president of Mexico, my great-great-grandfather, he went through a lot of things,” says González. “The interesting thing was, at that time, Mexico didn’t have an army – it was just volunteers, chinacos. The chinacos were the very first independence fighters in Mexico.”

When González’s personal father, after a hurricane destroyed his ranch in 1966, determined to develop blue agave crops and make tequila, he determined to name his tequila, Chinaco, after these courageous fighters, González says.

“I spent every summer with my father, learning how to grow the agaves, learning how to age the tequila,” he says.

There’s extra private historical past, he says, associated to each the Battle of Puebla and his tequila. Throughout the battle, his great-great-grandfather was severely injured. A bullet struck his proper elbow, and medical doctors then needed to amputate his arm. As an indication of respect for his grandfather’s sacrifice, González recommends that his tequila be consumed together with your proper hand.

“I always say you have to drink Tears with close friends because the bottle goes really fast,” he says. “And don’t forget to say ‘Salut,’ with your right hand and looking right in the eyes of your friends because that’s how friendship is known in Mexico.”

González’s father made his first tequila in 1974, however he couldn’t promote it as tequila till he acquired legal guidelines modified in order that he might designate his spirit, distilled from the blue agave plant, as tequila. At the moment, the areas that had been allowed to name tequila, ‘tequila,’ had been extra restricted in scope. He acquired the regulation modified in 1977, after which he exported his first tequila to the USA in 1983.

“According to Mexican law, only certain regions can make tequila, and my father fought this law in order to change it,” he says. “He could have sold his spirit without a name, but he knew that he needed the name ‘tequila’ in order to make it sellable.”

“My father did a lot of things in his life,” González says. “He created insurance for agriculture in Mexico, and he even met President (John F.) Kennedy one time. He was always trying to do something (new), and he would not stop until he would get it.”

Although González loved working together with his father, he created his personal distillery in 2009, and he made his first Tears of Llorona in 2014. Right now, his tequila is distributed in 15 states in the USA, and it is usually offered on-line be bought on-line HERE.

“My father taught me how to age tequila in wood for a long time without losing the agave elements,” González says. “I age my tequila in scotch, brandy and sherry barrels. The scotch adds dryness, the brandy will add some sweetness, and the sherry adds fruitiness.”

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