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Joe Jonas On Canned Cocktails And The Launch Of His Own Line Of Fizzy Sangria

Canned cocktails are crushing it right now. In fact, the entire ready-to-drink segment has been among the fastest growing in adult beverages since before 2020. And while some brands are simply riding that wave, others are working had to sustain the growth, offering meaningful innovation within the space. Ohza is firmly affixed to the latter pursuit. The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based producer has made a splash with its line of Mimosas, the first sparkling wine mixers to market a ‘better-for-you’ value proposition.

Now they’re looking to do the same with Sangria—introducing a line of carbonated, canned releases with 60% fewer calories and 80% less sugar than a typical sangria made at your local bar or restaurant. And they’ve courted one of the most famous entertainers on the planet to help spread the message: Joe Jonas. The superstar singer has long been a fan of the classic combination of red wine and fresh fruit. He’s not the only one; it turns out that the Sangria is actually the second most popular cocktail in the country.

It also turns out that Jonas was impressed enough with Ohza’s mission and messaging that he was willing to put some skin in the game. After forming a friendship with Ryan Ayotte, chairman of Simple Skiff Beverages—the parent company of Ohza, Jonas invested an undisclosed sum into the enterprise. He will now be actively involved in its marketing, as evidenced by the cheeky new YouTube video you can watch below.

“Joe could not be a better partner for Ohza,” according to Ayotte. “Bringing on a celebrity investor is one thing, but it’s far more challenging to find someone to build a product-line around. There are four key elements required: huge national recognition, an extremely loyal fanbase that matches our consumer, a personality that matches the brand, and a willingness to truly help build the business to generate long-term success. With Joe, we get all of these in spades. Everyone knows who he is and loves him, he’s fun and playful like Ohza, and he’s doing the real work to build the line.”

The recipe seems solid. As of today it’s literally in consumers’ hands, whether or not they’re willing to pick up what Jonas is putting down. Fizzy Sangria is Ohza’s first product line extension and will be available in both red and white flavors for $10 per 4-pack of 12oz cans.

In an exclusive interview, Jonas tells Forbes how this partnership was born and what he has planned for the future of Ohza…

When did you first try an Ohza Mimosa? How were you originally introduced to the brand?

Joe Jonas: “The first time I tried Ohza Mimosa was when DNCE was shooting our music video “Dancing Feet” with Kygo. They were down the street from where we were shooting the video and wanted us to try the product and I loved it and the team.”

What about Ohza stood out to you amongst the competitive RTD/canned cocktail space?

JJ: “I love the canned concept with classic cocktails and brunch cocktails. Similar to a mimosa, the sangria blew my mind because it was something I would always have traveling in South America and it became a fun thing to have on hot summer days.”

You have invested in companies across multiple industries; what excited you about the canned cocktail industry specifically?

JJ: “It’s fascinating to see the boom in RTD/canned cocktails. This sector of the industry has seen rapid growth and as a consumer myself, I appreciated seeing some of my favorite beverages that I would typically order at a bar become much more accessible. I think the accessibility is what draws people and I am excited for everyone to get their hands on Fizzy Sangria. It is the first canned ‘sparkling’ sangria on the market, so I’m looking forward to getting it out there.”

With Sangria being the first product line extension for Ohza, what made you confident they were the right partner?

JJ: “I think it is very unique to have a canned sangria that stands out not only visually, but also based upon flavor. I think people are going to want to try this and have this as their go-to canned beverage.”

What’s the big secret with your recipe? Is it different from a traditional sangria you’d find at a restaurant?

JJ: “My secret recipe – other than adding vocals to each can – I like to make sure this feels like something fresh and you can have more than one without feeling overwhelmed and it is doesn’t have too much alcohol. It’s a nice way of having an afternoon beverage. We are also familiar with canned spiked seltzers and it is time for something a little bit classier while still keeping it fun.”

Tell me a bit about your process of making sangria at home; what made you think… ‘I need to put this in a can’?

JJ: “Sangria is one of my favorite drinks and it is fun experimenting with which fruits pair well with different wines. I appreciate the versatility of the drink and always love serving it whenever I have guests over. I was determined to perfect my sangria and tested it on all my friends and family whenever they would visit and my Fizzy Sangria recipe was a hit. Sangria is typically a beverage that you can only serve or be served; it’s not practical to bring a pitcher of sangria to a gathering, so why not in a can?”

How does Ohza sangria fit into your lifestyle? What is your ideal time and place to enjoy sangria?

JJ: “I am always on the go and traveling because of my career, so it’s great being able to wind down with Ohza Sangria – whether it could be in the studio after a recording session, bringing a pack to my family and friends whenever I’m in town visiting or even just to have in the fridge at home.”

What’s next for you and Ohza? What are you most excited about in terms of supporting the product launch?

JJ: “I’m most excited to have food and beverage influencers try my product, but also increasing the relationship with Ohza to create more delicious recipes in the future.”

Have you turned any of your friends onto sangria? What do your brothers Kevin and Nick think?

JJ: “I definitely did turn a few friends onto sangria and I plan to do even more so as they try our delicious canned Fizzy Sangria.”

How would you describe Ohza Sangria in one word?

JJ: “Crowd-pleaser.”

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