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Hot & Tangy Tandoori Buffalo Wings

A crowd-pleaser without a doubt, these spiced wings feature both aromatic tandoori masala spice blend and classic Frank’s sauce for a nod to classic Buffalo wings—with a little flair. Tandoori masala powders vary widely; some are spicier than others, and some include salt while others don’t. Be sure to taste your tandoori powder to check: If it feels like it’s on the spicier side, you might want to use less hot sauce, and if it feels salted, you can go lighter on the seasoning in the sauce. When using unsalted tandoori masala, I typically need an extra 1 tsp. Diamond Crystal kosher salt, and when using salted, just a pinch will do.

These wings taste so much better when you use good tandoori powder, so it’s definitely worth the trip to your nearest South Asian grocer (or ordering some on online; look for Rajah or Spicewalla brands). That being said, if all you can find is the paprika-forward tandoori masalas sold at most grocery stores, it’ll work well enough.

Serving the wings over garlic naan allows you to capture all the extra saucy goodness. The dressed herbs served over the top mimic the flavors of green chutney without the fuss of a blender. Serve with salted yogurt to tame the heat.   

This recipe is part of Zaynab’s Sehri menu for Ramadan. Find more of her pre-sunrise meal ideas (ultimate tuna melt! PB&J oatmeal! coffee-smoothie combo!) right this way →

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