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34 Candles that Smell Like Food and Drink

Humans have been creating candles that smell like food for thousands of years. Some researchers say the Romans used tallow wax — derived from the meat of cows and sheep — and twine in 500 BC. Others go back farther pointing to the ancient Egyptians 5,000 years ago. Over the last few months, with the release of several new scented candles from restaurateurs, it’s safe to say we’ve hit peak smelly candles.

An article in Eater recently drew attention to the latest wave of candles, those that smell like dishes you can order at beloved restaurants and fast-food chains, including Junior’s cheesecake, Katz’s egg cream, and Shake Shack’s burger. We’ve covered the topic before (as in the White Castle burger candle from 2010), but not the big picture. 

The global scented candle market was valued at $533.5 million in 2020. Pumpkin, vanilla, and citrus are the best-selling scents, in that order. Companies that offer a wide range of smelly candles include Magic Candle Company, GooseCreek Candles, Beaver Creek, OverSoyed, H-E-B and The Bath & Wick Shop. And then there’s always Etsy.

Below, we spotlight 34 food-forward candles you can buy today. We’ve also organized them into four conceptual categories: highbrow delicious, highbrow gross, lowbrow delicious and lowbrow gross (these are often gimmicks and products you give others).

Full disclosure: Just because a candle can smell like something doesn’t mean it should. We approach this topic with optimistic skepticism. And for the record; we did not purchase or test any of these products. Yes, it’s possible that, say, a canned tuna candle could actually blanket a room with an intoxicatingly pleasing fragrance. But we doubt it.


Highbrow – Delicious

Creme Brulee Candle

Champagne Candle
Champagne Candle


Peeled Tangerines Candle
24.99 (Euros)


Bourbon Whiskey Candle
Whiskey candle

Dark Chocolate Candle
Dark Chocolate Candle


Highbrow – Gross


Orange Salmon Candle
$27 (Ok, it doesn’t actually smell like fish; it has an orange scent.)
Orange Salmon Candle

Grass Fed Beef Tallow CandlesGrass Fed Tallow
Grass Fed Tallow Candle

Hoppy IPA Candle
Hoppy IPA Candle


Lowbrow – Delicious

Waffle Cone Candle
Waffle Cone Candle

Churro Candle


Pineapple Whip Candle

Apple pie
Apple Pie Candle

Merlot Candle
Merlot candle

Angel Food Cake Candle
Angel Food Cake Candle 2


Cereal Candle: Fruit Loops & Cinnamon Crunch Crunch
Cereal Candle Fruit Loops

Apple Cheesecake Candle
apple-cheesecake-cupcake candle

Buttered Maple Syrup Candle
Buttered Maple Syrup Candle

Honey Horchata Soy Candle
Honey Horchata 9oz.Soy Candle

Junior’s Strawberry Cheesecake Candle
Juniors Cheesecake Candle 2

Katz’s Chocolate Egg Cream Candle
Katzs egg cream candle


Lowbrow – Gross

Burrito Candle
Burrito Candle


Fried Chicken
fried chicken candle

Lucali & Joya Brooklyn Pizza Candle
Lucali Pizza Candle


Burger in the Park & Shake ‘n’ Fries Candle
Shake Shack Candle

BLT Club Sandwich Candle
BLT Sandwich Candle

​​Bud Backyard BBQ Candle
Budweiser Candle

Crawfish Boil Candle
Crawfish Boil Candle


French Fries Candle
French Fries Candle

Ramen Noodle Candle


Butter Tortilla Candle
Butter Tortilla Candle


Smoked Brisket Candle
Smoked Brisket Candle

Nacho Cheese Candle
Nacho Cheese Candle

Bacon Candle
BACON Candle

Canned Tuna Candle
Canned tuna candle


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