WATCH: Four-Rotor Mazda RX-7 Faces 850-HP Jeep Trackhawk In A Drag Race

To put that power on the road, owner Jonathan has fitted Toyo Proxes 888 tires, Eibach lowering springs, and aftermarket wheels. Amazingly, it’s his daily driver and serves as a family wagon when it’s not hitting the drag strip.

So, which car will take home the victory? Most of the Hoonigan team thinks the Jeep has it in the bag, but that remains to be seen. Both vehicles set off at neck-breaking speeds, the whining rotary motor fighting the roaring V8 for dominance. The Jeep appears to hold its own at first, gripping the surface with tenacity and holding on to the Mazda’s rear.

However, as the RX-7 gets into its stride, the Trackhawk stands no chance, and the custom Japanese sports car leaves it for dead in the first 1,000-foot race. The Jeep still has a chance to reclaim its honor, though, with the second race running over a distance of 500 ft.

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