Watch A Blind Drag Racer Run The Quarter-Mile In 11.5 Seconds

But before we get into that, let’s look at the modifications done to this Challenger. Sheldon has fitted a Legmaker intake, a larger air filter, and a mid-muffler delete, which makes the supercharged V8 even louder than before. “It’s gonna get modified in the future. It’s gonna get headers, a new exhaust, and a 285 upper pulley.” Sheldon says his goal is to cross the quarter-mile in the nine-second range, nearly as quick as the monstrous Demon 170.

This was a rather special occasion for Sheldon, as it was the first time he got to drive his menacing muscle car officially. With his friend by his side, Sheldon lets loose on the drag strip. On his first run, he takes it slow, setting an 18.5-second time.

Remember, he is visually impaired, so Sheldon has to take time to get used to the track and car. The second run is more successful and starts off with a spectacularly smokey burnout.

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