Toyota Using Mirai Hydrogen Tech To Power German Public Transport

Toyota continues to progress with hydrogen power, successfully completing a long-distance test in a CaetanoBus in Germany using the fuel cell technology from the Toyota Mirai sedan. This particular test involved the hydrogen-powered bus completing a route between Hanover and Niebull, a distance of around 217 miles.

A far cry from the world’s smallest hydrogen car, the heavy bus returned an impressively low consumption figure averaging 5.53 kilograms of hydrogen per 100 km, which roughly works out to 12.2 pounds of hydrogen for every 62 miles. That consumption was even lower for an uninterrupted section of the route completed at high speeds.

In a statement, Toyota said that the bus, also known as the H2.City Gold, “demonstrated its high practicality and efficiency on the Hanover-Niebull route during the IAA Transportation 2022.”

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