Toyota Supra’s Manual Transmission Comes From An Obvious Place

A Toyota spokesperson confirmed to The Drive that “the parts used in the gearbox come from a combination of ZF manufactured manual transmissions, but the parts combination is exclusive to GR Supra,” and that “Toyota partnered with ZF and BMW on the design/layout of shift lever/pedal, decision of final gear ratio, tuning of iMT [rev-matching and upshift smoothing] function, and shift feel.”

So, in some ways, Toyota wasn’t being clever. And at any rate, why should we be mad? Isn’t this what all of us were supposed to have wanted anyway?

Regardless, where the transmission comes from is actually somewhat interesting. There’s some BMW parts commonality, but remember, we asked for it this time. T/D reports the new six-speed has its own BMW parts number (GS6L50TZ for those who care) and appears to be loosely related to the BMW Z4, which already shares a plethora of parts with the Supra.

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