This Tiny Porsche 911 Targa Has A Fascinating History

Rossmayer told Porsche in an interview that he was at first “scared of biting off more than I could chew… But I really had nothing to lose.” First, he built a model of the 911 coupe. Evidently, Porsche quite liked it, and in 1968, asked him to produce another, the result of which you see here. The model itself is blue, and a reconstruction of a 1968 911 Targa.

The body of the model is made of epoxy resin, which is laid over a hand-built wooden shell and then re-worked. The detail on the model is incredible, with lug nuts that actually hold the tire in place, and even a small, hand-made “Targa” badge.

The tires are another neat detail, which took some serious work to get right. Rossmayer inserted small cuts to mimic the grooving of the tires, which could only be done by hand. He also had to re-sand the tires a second time to make them work. Creative solutions were needed to get the textures he wanted as well, saying “I replicated the patterned texture in the lower part of the dashboard with the profile of a shoe sole, which I had to cut down to the right size.”

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