The latest numbers on the microchip shortage: N. America, Asia endure more cuts

Any notion from a year ago that manufacturers would have their microchip supply problems sorted out by the end of 2022 is proving painfully optimistic.

AutoForecast Solutions estimates that North American auto plants will have to trim more than 10,000 additional vehicles out of their schedules this week, while plants in Asia outside of China will have to eliminate 32,000 planned vehicles.

Industrywide efforts to steer out of the global microchip shortage have helped automakers avoid the depth of production problems it experienced last year. 

But 2022 is still going to end with nearly 4.5 million cars and trucks knocked out of factory schedules because of the chip shortage, according to a new projection from AutoForecast Solutions.

That is far below the 10.5 million vehicles that had to be cut from automakers’ plans last year. But schedules continue to be pared back because of the shortage. 

According to AutoForecast Solutions, the auto plants of Europe face an additional 168,000 cuts between now and the end of the year.

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