Tesla’s Optimus Robot Will Cost Less Than $20,000

The company already has a model (Optimus one) that has been designed to look like the production version. Like a human, the artificial intelligence robot has two hands with opposable thumbs. This, says Musk, will allow it to use tools and operate certain types of machinery. “Our goal is to make a useful humanoid robot as quickly as possible.”

However, this second version is merely a design and cannot walk. Amusingly, it had to be carried out by Tesla employees.

If you’re wondering how much this technology will cost, the billionaire CEO says it should be priced below $20,000. “The potential for Optimus is appreciated by very few people…I think we want to have fun versions of Optimus. [It] can both be utilitarian and do tasks, but can also be like a friend and a buddy, and hang out with you.”

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