Tesla Model S Plaid Drag Race Reveals If The Track Package Is Worth The Extra $20,000

The team also tested the various drive and acceleration modes. When in Drag Strip mode, the Model S Plaid was quickest on its feet versus the other, leaving no chance up until the end of the 1,000-foot sprint.

Here’s a rundown of the various modes: Chill mode, as its name implies, conserved energy, so it was not meant for this comparison, while Sport mode stood as the Model S Plaid’s normal setting. Plaid mode provided intense acceleration but was still slower than when in Drag Strip mode.

Track Mode, on the other hand, toggles stability control, traction control, regenerative braking, and cooling systems for better handling and longevity, so it’s meant for the race track – just like the Track Package.

In the end, we can say that the Track Package does provide an additional advantage in a straight-line race, but only because of the uprated tires. If drag race performance is all you care about, save yourself nearly $20k and just get a decent set of tires instead.

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