Nissan Says EV With Solid-State Battery Coming In 2028

One very positive statement made by Moss is that solid-state battery tech “opens up electric mobility to sectors that you can’t today,” such as the biggest trucks and SUVs. Does this mean that the first Nissan with this battery could be a pickup, perhaps based on the Nissan Surf-Out concept? It’s possible, but a compact crossover like the Ariya seems likelier.

Despite the progress being made in this area, Nissan acknowledges that lithium-ion batteries will continue to be a focus area, with at least two more generations of this battery type. “Lithium-ion is constantly changing, with better energy density, [better] efficiency, and lower cost,” said Moss. “The cost is key, as this opens up EVs to even more customers. We believe there are a couple of steps left in lithium-ion. A big drive for us is to go cobalt-free. We expect this to be on the market in 2028.”

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