Most Driving Instructors Think Kids Should Learn To Drive From 10 Years Old

The company also asked parents how they felt about whether 10 – 17-year-olds were more receptive to learning about safety, and of the 2,400 parents who were surveyed, 82% agreed.

It’s important to note that participants are not allowed to drive on public roads, as safety is critical. So why is it better to teach someone at the ripe age of 10 instead of 17? Instructor Anaya Saddall explains that it’s got to do with what they’re focusing on when behind the wheel.

“When you’re teaching someone aged 17/18, they are not always ‘in the car’ for much of their lesson time. Their minds may not be focused on driving, they are thinking about other stuff – be it work or exams, friends, [or] social media. When you deliver a driving lesson to a 12-year-old, you can see that their mind is focusing 100% on driving. They are in the moment, not thinking of other things.”

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