McLaren 750S Configurator Is A Fun Way To Kill A Few Hours

McLaren does not include the prices of any of these options on its website, but we’re confident that, as specced, the version we created here will sell for at least $400,000 or so.

Below, we’ve included some examples of the car in less flashy configurations. We think you’ll agree that it’s quite an arresting machine no matter how it’s specced, though.

This is a special car for many other reasons, too. It is rapid thanks to the uprated twin-turbocharged V8 with 740 horsepower, and because it is so light with a dry weight of little more than 2,800 pounds, 0-60 mph comes up in just 2.7 seconds. The driver’s cockpit is refreshingly straightforward and even comes with hydraulic steering so that feedback and feel can be maximized.

Considering that all new McLarens will be electrified somehow, the 750S is old-school in all the best ways.

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