Mazda’s Best-Selling CX-5 SUV May Not Have A Future

The CX-50 and CX-90 are proven examples, and the CX-5 could find itself out of place compared to these latest offerings. Assuming, for a moment, this rumor is true, it would not be the first time Mazda dropped a model in favor of something else.

Previously, the Mazda CX-3 was replaced by the CX-30, a sportier compact crossover with sleeker exterior styling and a higher ride height. The CX-3 never sold very well in the US, but the CX-30 is doing just fine. Mazda reported a total of 52,808 CX-30s were sold in the US in 2022. To compare, just 5,100 CX-3s were sold in 2021.

But the CX-5 sold an impressive 151,594 examples in 2022, making it Mazda’s best-seller in the US. The CX-50 might have done better if Mazda had the capacity to build more.

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