Maserati MC20 Can’t Beat Maserati MC12 Nurburgring Lap Time

Meanwhile, the MC12 houses a naturally aspirated mill that’s twice the displacement and number of cylinders than the MC20. It has a 6.0-liter V12 Ferrari-derived engine, capable of making the same horsepower but down in torque at 481 lb-ft. The weight difference between the two Maserati supercars is negligible, both tipping the scales at around 3,300 lbs.

With almost two decades of difference between the two cars, some might say the result of the recent MC20 Nurburgring lap time is surprising, if not disappointing. Then again, we doubt this will sway serious buyers into not getting one, considering the MC20’s merits in terms of design.

Besides, there’s the MCXTrema for serious on-track chores, which should post a quicker lap time with a lighter body and more powerful tune, among many other modifications.

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