Hyperion Unveils Mobile Hydrogen Station Capable Of Five-Minute Refuels

Hyperion Motors, the Californian automotive startup behind the XP-1 hydrogen hypercar, has unveiled a charging station its CEO describes as a “scalable solution to power our growing needs.”

According to the company, the Hyper:Fuel Mobile Stations can produce hydrogen on-site via water electrolysis. Thanks to a solar panel-tiled roof, the futuristic-looking station can generate green hydrogen with electricity gleaned from the sun.

The design of the Hyper:Fuel addresses another concern. The mobilized charging station can be deployed anywhere, allowing for the swift implementation of hydrogen stations. Due to the timeous construction process and other timeous complexities, there are few places for hydrogen-powered cars to refuel.

According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, only 54 hydrogen fuel stations exist in the USA.

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