Ford Ranger Forces Pause On Manual Transmission Bronco Production

As reported by Jalopnik, Ford has halted production of manual-equipped Bronco off-roaders because building cars is a tough game to play. However, it’s not the Bronco causing the problem; it’s the Ford Ranger. Ford needs to renew its Michigan Assembly Plant to accommodate the next-generation Ranger, and in Ford’s words from the report, the revamp will “maximize commonality on the assembly line to ensure a quality launch for the new Ranger” and affects the Base and Everglades model as well as options for the manual transmission.

So, if you’re after a manual transmission Bronco or the Base and Everglades trim specifically, it’s time to either hit the dealers and see if there are any on the forecourts or prepare for a long wait. The options should return for the 2024 model year.

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