Easy Car Repairs That Do Not Need A Professional Help

Your car is prone to timely defects and damages that require immediate repair. Car repairs can take a toll on your pockets and are expensive compared to other kinds of repairs. The issues such as cosmetic dents, scratches, fully-blown mechanical troubles are the common issues that any car owner may face from time to time.

While some car repairs demand a professional inspection and solution, others can be done by you, within the comfort of your home. The latter can help you save a lot of money.

Here are some of the easiest car repairs that do not need professional or technical help:

Replacement Of Air Filter: 

The replacement of the air filter of the car does not involve any professional inspection. The process is easy to perform. Ten minutes and you will be able to fix this problem.

You will find the filter under the bonnet of your car. Take out the owner manual and follow the instructions to replace the air filter. If you do not understand the instructions in the manual, open the bonnet and check the location of the filters. Remove the old air filters and then replace them with new ones. Fit them exactly like the previous filters, and you are good to go.

Replacing Power Window Regulator: 

The power window assembly of your car gets damaged because of various reasons. In some cases, you can repair the damages, while others require a power window regulator replacement

Firstly, you need to gather all the useful tools and equipment to perform the procedure. Some of the common tools that you may need are a drill for drilling out the rivets, screwdrivers, tape, pliers, a hammer and a punch, socket wrench and box wrench, magnetic retrieval tool, a window regulator, nuts, bolts, and others.

The process of power window regulator replacement is very easy. Start with removing the door trim. Now disconnect the wiring of the power window assembly and release the connecting hardware. You will also need to disconnect the harness plug. Install the new window regulator. Reconnect the power supply and attach the window glass. Test the window and you are done!

Checking And Refilling Fluid Levels: 

Another procedure that helps you save some money by applying your DIY-skills is checking and refilling all the levels of fluid in your vehicle. Some of the fluids that should be checked regularly in your car include coolant, engine oil, brake, windshield washer and power steering fluid.

We advise you to check these fluid levels at least once a month. Keeping an eye on the level of these fluids will also help you to check leakages if any.

Replacing Windscreen Wiper Blades: 

Another easy task that can be performed within minutes is the replacement of windscreen wiper blades of your vehicle. Excessive heat or ice grazing during the winter season breaks down the rubber of the wipers that hampers their efficacy. We recommend replacing the windscreen wiper blades at least once or twice yearly.

The type and quality of wipers vary depending on brand, but the mechanism and process of changing them are common. Use a sliding lock with clasp mechanism to release the wipers off the windscreen and then replace them with the new ones. You can check the car manual for detailed instructions on the procedure.


Why blow your money unnecessarily on the professional services for the easy repairs of your car when you can fix them yourself? In all the above-listed cases, we advise you to read the instructions listed on the manual thoroughly to perform all these repairs and replacements to perfection.

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