BMW M Will Sell More EVs Than Combustion Cars By 2027

And it’s not stopping there. This year, there are plans to introduce a high-performance variant of the i7, called the M70. The new 5 Series, due in 2023, will spawn an electric twin. The i5 will also be offered as an M50 sports sedan.

BMW M is also hard at work on the all-electric M3 successor. While this may sound like blasphemy to many M car fans, the automaker has already released a teaser detailing what the electric M car would be capable of, and it looks promising.

Environmental pressures may be a concern, but it’s not the only reason behind BMW M’s move into the electric segment. Most customers just want quick BMWs with razor-sharp handling, regardless of whether they are combustion-engined or EVs.

“Some say that [they’re out] if we don’t do V8s. But that’s okay: I respect that,” said van Meel. “We’ve just been talking to customers, and the feedback is that 90-95% don’t care what direction we take [with the] powertrain.”

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