Automotive Suppliers Are Preparing For A Hydrogen Future

BorgWarner’s expertise in producing turbochargers has placed the company in a comfortable position for planned hydrogen vehicles. Hydrogen engines require more air than their gas-powered counterparts and, as such, turbochargers are required to provide a suitable blend of power, economy, and emissions.

The automotive parts giant envisions a future where hydrogen combustion will be one of several choices for consumers to select from. Where electric vehicles will, likely, grow in popularity, hydrogen combustion may cater to keen drivers. It’s likely to be cheaper than battery-powered vehicles, too.

There are drawbacks to hydrogen engines, though. It may be cheaper to develop than EV technology, but it is 30% more expensive than the cost of developing conventional engines. This will, of course, be passed on to the consumer. What’s more, while these engines don’t emit any carbon, they’re not exactly emissions-free. As reported, nitrogen oxide gases remain an issue.

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