Army Veteran Buys $68k Maserati For His Wife From Carvana And Later Learns It’s Stolen

A North Carolina Army veteran recently discovered that the $68,000 Maserati Levante he bought used from a Carvana store turned out to be stolen. According to WTVD Raleigh-Durham, Jason Scott purchased the 2017 Maserati as a birthday gift for his wife. The couple drove the luxury SUV for a few months without incident, and then they brought it to a local Maserati dealer for service. That’s when the trouble began.

The dealer discovered that the VIN on the vehicle, door, and window didn’t match. It was then fully clear that it had been stolen and Carvana didn’t realize it despite having a 150-point inspection procedure in place. “It was exciting for it to be coming down the hill, waiting for it outside, everything was fine,” Scott told WTVD, but once mechanics inspected the Levante, “that’s when they found out that the vehicle was stolen.” He also found out it was a 2017 model, not a 2021 as Carvana advertised.

Police had no choice but to immediately impound the vehicle.

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