8 Great Plug-In Hybrids For 2022

Our immediate future with cars isn’t the all-electric drivetrain; it’s hybrid. Anyone predicting that we’ll all be driving electric vehicles in ten or twenty years is full of crap. Sure, the take-rate on EVs will increase, particularly in some countries rather than others, but in reality, here in the US, they account for 1% of car sales here in 2022. That’s negligible enough that some automakers aren’t even bothering with all-electric cars in any meaningful way yet. What most automakers are doing, though, is making and selling hybrids. Even Jeep has gone for it with a hybrid Wrangler, and it’s a hit.

If you want to give the middle finger to petroleum companies and their corporate greed, but aren’t ready to do battle with public chargers and a spotty charging network, it’s time to consider a plug-in hybrid. That way, you get an all-electric range but can switch to hybrid gas and electric power for longer trips. These are CarBuzz’s favorites PHEVs for 2022, but not necessarily based on fuel economy – we’re looking for a balance between cost-effectiveness and being an excellent car for different lifestyles.

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