• Ashleigh Durden

    Ashleigh is enthusiastic with entertainment category . She updating daily latest Hollywood news, Celebrity news, TV news, with 4 year regular experience with
  • Cathy Biank

    Cathy have expert advice for what will the next politicians step. She won Best Politics Award 2019 by World News Era Media INC. Cathy and her team is specialty organised to check and update political news from different sources.
  • Deneen Broadnax

    Deneen Broadnax is the top name for science and technology . How product will perform in market , what is ideal cost for technology before buying, what will be best option for you are all answered by deep knowledge of more than 10,000 product list of daily update. World News Era thanks for great contribution.
  • Evelyn Blackwell

    Evelyn Blackwell checks all updates on world news highlights in Worldnewsera. With the dedication to such hard brief she checks multiple counties . So great that she established 37 Teams in 19 different countries . Most effective on top news from U.S. , India, China , Africa , Australia, and many more.
  • Jamie Bruenig

    Jamie Bruenig, is lifestyle advisor for top celebrity in 2010-2016 and later stated her own lifestyle advisor company situated in U.S. Currently working along news provider of World News Era. She entitled with icon lifestyle news expert in World News Era Media.
  • Julie Mcmahon

    Julie Mcmahon is from U.S with deep knowledge of food world. She won our our food reporter award in 2018. Worldnewsera thanks her and her team for making us better in food reporting.
  • Laurie Foti

    Laurie Foti, having strong background in economics and set the goal to provide every niche od U.S. News . We are taking 100% benefit of her knowledge and hired for latest updates for economy news, immigration news and more which are truly publicly available to read and use.
  • Madeleine Bruder

    Madeleine Bruder, solving regarding fiance. She worked as fiance adviser for World News Era. She given great contribution in managing fiance option in U.S. and also won 2017 and 2018 regular Best Fiance Advice World News Era Media INC continuously . She also run advisor company for UK, India, Australia
  • Poultney Carducci

    Poultney Carducci, is entrepreneur and business statics expert . He interacting with top business leader daily and updating whats the real situation of market and business. He have leaders from U.S. UK, India Australia, China, Africa, Europe.
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